NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge, Round 1

Click to read “Passing the (Olympic) Torch”

I recently entered the 9th Annual NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge, a competition consisting of three rounds, the first of which ended at midnight on Saturday.

1,440 writers were divided into forty-eight “heats” and assigned a genre, subject, and character.

My prompts? Comedy, a family reunion, and a waiter.

The results of the first round won’t be released until March 10th (at midnight—see a theme developing?), but they’ve allowed us to post our stories offsite and link to their forum for feedback. So I created a Short Stories tab with the hopes of adding at least a couple more stories from the competition (as I mentioned, there are three rounds), as well as some of my future endeavors.

Also required of the participants in the challenge: create a one or two sentence (max) synopsis of the story—a catchy logline, if you will. Here’s mine:

What’s the god of wine, women, and song to do when his light-in-the-sandals son aspires to be nothing more than a mere waiter? When you’re Dionysus, you gird your loins, take a swig of Mavroudi, and hope to Hades your father, Zeus, is just as understanding.

If you’d like to take a look, I’d love to have you read. Click this link or enter through the tab up top for my submission: Passing the (Olympic) Torch.




12 thoughts on “NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge, Round 1

    1. Ha! That made me chuckle. 🙂 Thanks, Penny. I hope a little skill plays into it as well. Let’s see if I have as much success with the name as Jonathan did. Thanks for coming by.

  1. Ok, well, the concept sounds freaking FANTASTIC, and I love the logline, soooo…yeah I guess I can read it 😉 I’m psyched to, are you kidding?? I’m bookmarking it for when I can sit down and really enjoy it. Soon, I promise!

  2. You did a perfect job on the tagline and I know how hard those are to write. Loved the story and had a few chuckles “butched him up” being one. Lovely phonetic twist at the end. Very clever. Good luck in the contest.

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