Two Weeks Left to Enter Giveaway!

Just a reminder about the GIVEAWAY for June’s selection of The Progressive Book ClubThe Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Be sure to click on the giveaway link and enter today!

Signing up for June’s discussion will net you TEN entries, with additional ones available for following me on Twitter, liking my Facebook page, tweeting about the giveaway, and a few more (I’ve actually forgotten what they are). There are 22 chances to enter…make sure to put your name in the hat today!

Also: May’s book (discussion on the 15th) is How to Write Good by John Vorhaus. John is a contributor to Writer Unboxed, and his book offers a whimsical look at writing. It’s a refreshing change from all the heavy-duty processes of some of the other books, and a steal at $5.99 for the paperback ($4.99 for the Kindle version). Today’s article at WU, Here’s What I’m Learning From This One, is actually written by John…what a coinkydink!

How to Write Good“How to Write Good” by John Vorhaus Sign-up Link (May’s book):

Get the InLinkz code for “How to Write Good” Sign-up List


The Artist's Way“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron Sign-up Link (June’s book):

Get the InLinkz code for “The Artist’s Way” Sign-up List


Join in on the fun TODAY!


ML Swift


13 thoughts on “Two Weeks Left to Enter Giveaway!

    1. If you want the book, enter the giveaway! You don’t have to join the book club to enter. There are four entries that you have without joining the club.

    1. I don’t blame you, Alex. The A-Z sounds like a version of NaNo. I had a meltdown for like, well, I’m still melted. Enter to win June’s book…we’d love to have you!

    1. You know…names and titles are my kryptonite. I’m a sucker for an interesting one and will count pennies to buy the book if I have to. I hope the book is as humorous (and lives up to it’s claim).


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