PBC Reminder: Posting Date January 15th—Sign Up Now!

Hello fellow readers, and writers, and readers who are writers, and writers who are readers, and anyone else who has perused the pages from cover to cover of a book this month. Yeah, you. It’s almost time for the first meeting of the Progressive Book Club 2014! If you don’t know what it’s about, complete … More PBC Reminder: Posting Date January 15th—Sign Up Now!

PBC—Sick Day

I rose at 3:00 this morning, swigged down a couple of cups of coffee, and broke out my highlighted copy of The Artist’s Way to review for my post. My stomach winced, my throat clinched, and I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. “The coffee must be hitting wrong.” Feeling dizzy and still a … More PBC—Sick Day

ERMAHGERD! “Der Ertrerst’s Wer” Gervahwer Werners!*

* Oh my God! “The Artist’s Way” Giveaway Winners! I saw this picture-turned-meme over at Gus’s site, followed the link to the story behind it and laughed for the next 15 minutes. Of course I had to grab a blank one for my own use and join in on the whole “Ermahgerd” phenomenon. That FACE! Priceless! … More ERMAHGERD! “Der Ertrerst’s Wer” Gervahwer Werners!*