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Thursday’s Thoughts 
Almost two weeks have passed since the blog got a pulse and its heart began to beat a strong, steady rhythm across the land. It’s been a trip. There were bumps along the way and scrapes that needed to be blown and kissed, but I made it through the stumbles none the worse for wear. 

During the process of sharing, I realized that three themes presented themselves the most: how-to tips, life’s difficulties that create obstacles for the writer, and inspirational quotes that help keep the faith when dawn is at its darkest. So I’ve decided to discuss these themes on three different days of the week.

  • Tuesday Tips & How-to’s: Every Tuesday, I’ll bring helpful suggestions from various writing resources to these pages for lively banter. The first series we’ll tackle is the Write Great Fiction Series, which includes Plot & Structure, and Revision & Self-Editing by best-selling novelist James Scott Bell, Dialogue by author and instructor Gloria Kempton, Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by award-winning novelist Nancy Kress, and Description & Setting by author and instructor Ron Rozelle. Sounds exciting and chock-full of tasty knowledge nuggets!

  • Thursday’s Thoughts: Join me on Thursdays for brief reflections on life as a full-time Alzheimer’s Caregiver and budding writer, trying to find a balance that serves the demands of both professions.

  • Sunday Inspirations: What better day to laze around contemplating the intricacies of writing and all the joy and pleasure it brings? Enjoy your midday dinner and then plop in here for quotes by and for writers, books that I find inspirational, and other delights that will feed your muse when she starts to pale.

So with those thoughts, I’ll close for today. I think it will be a nice schedule, don’t you? See you Sunday!



11 thoughts on “Braindrops

  1. Sounds great to me! I'll be setting up a schedule like that soon, but I'm scheduling and planning and hoping to get it all done soon. I've always wanted to post my schedule, but just never wanted to take the time to decide what I wanted. I want to offer something different every day for my readers and followers to anticipate!Good choices!

  2. Ink, I think your blog kicks butt just the way it is! Lots of good stuff always going on over there. Sometimes schedules inhibit us…but for now I need the structure – mainly to keep focused! Julie, I know you'll have a lot to offer when we discuss Revision & Self-Editing. I look forward to it as well.Thank you both for checking in!

  3. ML, love the title "Braindrops." You're so creative in your thought process. I've been here on your blog a time or two but haven't left a comment. I guess you can call it cyber-stalking. You're very talented. I love the way you orchestrate your words to create a heartfelt and moving piece. I especially like the writings involving your mom and alzheimers. There's one piece in particular I saw a week or so ago that's no longer here (you should bring it back), that was so genuine, and moving. It talked about your desire for time to yourself to have crack-of-dawn exercise, morning coffee, quieting yourself to not wake up the household. Then sounds of your mother shuffling to the washroom, letting out the dog, and asking for her back pills, jolts you back to reality. Very well-written. It made me realize how small my problems (that I whine about daily) are, compared to what others have to struggle through.Looking forward to reading more of you.

  4. Demetria…thank you for stopping by and for the kind words about my story. Writing's my way to cope through difficult periods. The story of which you speak was pulled to submit to a website I follow that is more geared towards the demographic of caregivers. I discovered their writing guidelines and have just queried them about being a monthly contributor. A piece can't be already published. So I added a lead-in article and reworked the story a little more to suit their style, which was essentially the same as mine, and I added more feeling.If accepted, I hope to write at least twice a month for them. I'll be able to post stories I write for them like that on this site after 48 hours of their posting of it, and will do that for those pieces that I feel might speak to this demographic, too.Thanks again for coming by and commenting! Good to see you.

  5. I love the new lineup! Creating topics for specific days of the week was the best thing I ever did for my blog. The writing topics you're planning sound great. I'm really looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

  6. Thanks for dropping in, Roxanne and Rob!Roxanne, I had seen topics on your site and some others and thought, "Hmm…I should do that." It really keeps me focused and helps to rid me of that, "What am I going to write about today?" Now I at least have a topic to pursue when I'm staring at that blank page. Rob…it helps immensely for those of us who like structure!

  7. Welcome to blogosphere. You've got an agenda. Good for you. Took me forever to figure out what I was blogging about. There are still days I'm not sure. I'm #192 on Alex's IWSG list. Pleased to meet you, ML.

  8. Joylene, What a lovely southern name! Thanks for the kind welcome. I'm looking forward to my first IWSG Wednesday next month and will be checking out as many different writing sites as I can. I've already touched base with some of the members of the group…some really great people.Thanks for stopping by. I'm #300. I feel like a Spartan.

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