Cover Reveal and IWSG

What an exciting day! As you may remember, last year I collaborated on an anthology benefiting those affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Twenty-nine writers, each inspired by a musical composition from the album, Composers for Relief, wove tales which intertwined flawlessly with their chosen song. Since then, Samantha Redstreake Geary and The Publishers That Be have been compiling … More Cover Reveal and IWSG

The Weekend Getaway

Welcome to the world of the writer: oftentimes a hobbit hole of solitary confinement. We imprison ourselves there, poring over tomes of research and babbling nonsensical asides, typing until our fingers are bloody stumps as we finish our Magna Ópera. Or maybe not. For several years I lived this way, but not because my head … More The Weekend Getaway

Caveat Emptor

I’m following the Pope on Twitter. Yeah…I’m Catholic-ish—more of a denominational mutt—but that’s not the reason for following: he’s tweeting in Latin now. Love it. If there were ever a language that needed a comeback, it’d be that one. When I was a kid…God, when did I turn into my grandfather?…anyway, when I was a … More Caveat Emptor