Redirect to “The Writing Nut” for Wednesday Writer’s Workspace with Nutschell

Today I’m over at Nutschell Windsor’s blog, The Writing Nut, as her Wednesday Writer’s Workspace featured author! Ever since the year started, I’ve been on a mission to declutter and repurpose my bedroom into a combination bedroom/writing workspace. I even purchased a new desk, hutch, tech station, task chair—the works.


Did it come together in time? For the answer to this pressing question and more, run on over to Nutschell’s and find out!

Thank you, Nutschell, for featuring me today and your fellow writers each week. It’s been a delight to learn about all the earlier authors you’ve spotlighted, and I hope people are just as delighted to get a peek into my workspace and life.


ML Swift

MikeBeachML Swift is a writer of Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult fiction, although he dabbles in many genres.

An Alzheimer’s caregiver for the past ten years, he has published several articles on The Alzheimer’s Reading Room, the largest online website catering to that community, and plans to write a novel about his experience in caregiving.

He resides in Florida with his dogs, Rameses and Buster, attempting to reclaim his side of the bed.


19 thoughts on “Redirect to “The Writing Nut” for Wednesday Writer’s Workspace with Nutschell

  1. Where do people get those caricatures! So perfect.

    Heading over… (And I’m already jealous. :P)

    1. Hey Melissa!

      Those caricatures are from a Facebook app, “Bitstrips.” You’ll have to look it up. I love to use them on my blog occasionally (as you can see).

      There’s a little problem with the first few introductory pics over at Nutschell’s…trying to get it fixed, but the workspace pics came through. I love it!

    1. Didja like? Lyn, it’s a godsend. I love it. It’s already the most favorite part of my man cave. I never have to leave. Maybe I’ll get a St. Bernard to do all the fetching of life’s necessities. 😉

  2. I’ll have to visit The Writing Nut to see how the bulldozer tactic worked. Did you consider an Aspidistras for your decorative plant? You might be inspired by a touch of Orwellian humor if you have at least one of those in your newly decorated office.

    1. Lee, that is funny on so many levels. First, I mention a cast-iron bed in the post, I have cast iron plants (Aspidistras) along the north side of the house (I chose a nepthytis and coleus mix for the office, but have room for a floor plant), and Keep the Aspidistra Flying is one of my favorite stories! Oh, goodness, it’s been ages. I’ll have to unearth it and read again. Heck, I think that was a library book. I love Orwell and should have mentioned him in my list of favorite authors, but I did cover myself and say it was endless. Go check it out and tell me what you think!

  3. Hi Michael,

    A coat of paint would be good. I second that emulsion. So you be over at “The Writing Nut.” If I ever find more time, I will endeavour to check you out. I still wait for The Writing Nut to answer my question why they use a peanut as an icon. Everyone knows a peanut is actually a bean! 🙂 Ignore me and enjoy your weekend, good sir.


  4. Hi Michael .. thanks for commenting over at St Alfege’s Church .. it was a fun impromptu visit – taught me loads – as you found!

    I hope to be back more often .. and see you around .. I’m gearing up for the A-Z and rather behind the times! Cheers Hilary

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