The Anti-Blogfest Blogfest (or Gary Philip Pennick’s Sad Cry for Attention)

Well, the moment has finally arrived…The Day the Blogfests Stood Still. The day I became an anarchist and topped the NSA’s list of most dangerous bloggers. The day that Gary Philip Pennick demanded that we not pay attention to him by paying attention to him and throwing a blogfest—but not really a blogfest—an Anti-blogfest. For a list of all the participants, go HERE.

These are blogfests that you wouldn’t want to attend, but somehow one of your friends peer-pressured you into signing up for them anyway:

  • The Dead Cat Blogfest: Best uses for a dead cat. Post some of these on Facebook for a change!
  • The Warts and All Blogfest: Share the love and show off those disgusting growths that the human body is famous for. We’ll still follow you (NOT).

And one more disgusting “share” for the Warts and All Blogfest. WARNING: Not for the squeamish.

And last, but not least:
  • The Speed Dating Blogfest: Forget about eHarmony,, and Christian Mingle! We have our own Date-a-Blogger Blogfest. Spend ten seconds with each blogger on the link list…read their posts, check out their pictures, and make comments. By the end of an hour, a love connection will have been made. It’s all scientific.
This is what you’re looking for (one or the other…or perhaps both):
This is what you get:

And there’s my contribution to the Blogfests that you MUST join if you want to be a somebody in this world of writing. I’ll be holding a spot for you in all of them.


ML Swift

Photo Credits (via Photopin):
Handsome Man: Khuzul (Alessandro Petri); Biker Chick: Eyesplash; Dead Cat w/ sign: daveynin; Flying Cat: Pieter Musterd; Gross!: mrd00dman; Frog: MaryScheirer


61 thoughts on “The Anti-Blogfest Blogfest (or Gary Philip Pennick’s Sad Cry for Attention)

    1. Oh goodness, Julie. I watched that video somewhere before, so I knew there was one out there (there are TONS of them). I watched the first few seconds to make sure it was gross enough. I had to shut it off…it was.

  1. Ah, gag. I’ve seen that video before, so didn’t have to torture myself again. Those are some seriously wrong blogfests that I’m glad don’t acutally exist. This post had me rolling. Heheheh!

    1. Gag is right, Sabrina.

      I had seen the video before, too, so I was familiar enough with it to know it was the right one. But I did check to make sure. The first squirt spoke volumes.

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Ugh! *laughs* Too funny! Sometimes it seems that there is a blog fest for anything and everything under the sun. Thankfully I don’t have that kind of time to visit them all. 😉
    Have a great week!


    1. You too, Jimmy. Hey…could you leave a link to your blog (if you come back and see this?). You’ve visited before and I could never find you.

      I hope Ghosts is doing well. I rarely have time to do blogfests, although they are a great diversion at times. Mindless and easy. I mainly do the support group once a month and my book club.

      1. Don’t sweat that, Jimmy. The whole thing about the online world is being connected. Sometimes the link with the name takes me to gravatar or google or twitter or facebook. Leaving a link tells me exactly where I need to go. I always leave one when I’m commenting on blogger.


  3. I almost did best uses for a dead cat blogfest! I kept thinking of that book, 101 Uses For a Dead Cat.

  4. Haha, yep, I’d be skipping all of those….some of the scariest I’ve seen, yet 🙂

    I’ve seen another video like the giant cyst bursting…..I guess it’s a ‘thing’ on YouTube or something….. -shivers- lol.

  5. OH my gosh… Swift, too FUNNY…

    That speed dating one is KILLING me… can you imagine? Awful! And dead cats? Warts? Ewwwwww… You couldn’t pay me to participate!

  6. Aha, dude. I absolutely hate blogfests, blog hops, alphabet challenges that have reflection posts about reflection posts. Blog tours, cover reveals, interviews, blah..blah and blah!

    Me, wanting attention through the irony of ironies blogfest or anti-blogfest? Not me, no way, not ever. I can be ever so slightly cynical about all these gosh darn fun contests. I might say that people create them to draw attention to themselves and get more followers. Of course, we *cough* *cough* understand it’s all about the ethos of a sharing, caring blogging community. Then I woke up….

    I would actually join all three of your blogfests that shouldn’t be joined. Which makes me a contradictory anarchist. I wont mention, again, that I already satirised such an event before the event was even created. Yay me! 🙂

    I shall be participating in the “Great Posting! Thanks for sharing!” blogfest. And in the spirit of drive-by bloggers, I’m going now.

    Thanks for having a bit of fun or non-fun. Be well, because I really care.

    Gary 🙂

    1. Yeah, this was a satirical look at the blogfests. I usually don’t have the time, if they’re involved or too many in a row, but Alex and the gang will throw a simple one right when I need a good diversion.

      I pretty much stick to the groups…IWSG and PBC.

      I hope you took this post as the good-natured ribbing it was. I think we’ve exchanged wits on FB enough that you know my sense of humor—which is warped!

  7. Mike, you need not say more. You’ve outdone yourself with this one. Oh my, I’m laughing at every aspect of it, except the arm pits.

    Darn. If I can’t find that novelist with a big bookmark in blogland, I guess I need to go to Barnes & Noble .

    Thanks for adding this wonderfully creative and silly contribution to the fest.


  8. Hey Mike,

    Dude I held it all together until I saw WHO was under the Big Bookmark Bloke and I cackled out loud, which was embarrassing when one is sitting alone in a McDonalds (blatantly using their free WiFi and drinking coffee brought from home 🙂

    1. I admire anyone who dares hit play on that video. I only watched the first few seconds of it to make sure it lived up to the gross aspect I was looking for. It did.

      Thanks for coming by, Tina, and for co-hosting this fest. Or non-fest, as the case may be.

  9. Okay, I could probably do the speed dating one! And the dead cat one is just so hilarious. Love it… though I may have lost some respect for you, for the speed dating one. 🙂

    1. Yikes! I lost some points with the speed dating one? I thought surely it would be due to the Warts and All one, if any. Thanks for coming by, Nancy. I saw you on the list…need to come by. I was trying to hit some of the ones I’ve never visited. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Well, crapola. If I have to participate in those blogfests to be a Somebody in the blogosphere, I reckon I’ll just have to resign myself to remaining a nobody. (sigh) I never get to play with the cool kids…

    Good ones! (Which of course means they’re actually horrid?)

    1. “I coulda been somebody…I coulda been a contender…but everytime I tried to get out, they pulled me back in!”

      You can sit at my lunch table. 🙂 Thanks for coming by, Susan.

    1. I think I’ll send you a box of Snickers for your birthday…or Christmas, whichever comes first. I love how you express yourself in your comments. 😀

    1. We have to set up a blitzkrieg of dead cat memes for farcebook…really inundate the place with them. It may make a point and get all the cutesy ones off. Plus, if done well, would be funny as heck. We’d trend.

    1. It was like a reality show, Lyn. You didn’t want to watch, but once it was on, you couldn’t take your eyes off it! I ended up going back and watching about a minute and a half of it…which left three minutes. Three more minutes? It looked like he was “on empty” when I stopped. How much more could have been in there?

      Thanks for coming by!

    1. It’s all about having fun, even during the “work,” and it’s a blessing that I’m able to do something I truly love as an occupation. Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s a breeze, but then again, so am I—an easy-going guy who’s a titch mental. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by (and for putting me on your blogroll). I use bloglovin’ because WordPress doesn’t allow blogrolls.



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