Redirect to Mistress Snark’s and Join Us For a Spot of Tea

Mistress_SnarkThese past few weeks have been a blur, and I’m not quite sure if it’s this Black Death virus that’s been attacking my weary body or my visit with Mistress Snark over at Laura Eno’s blog. I’m really not even sure what day it is or where I’m at. At least there aren’t any cavemen around.

You see…I stopped in and…well…it’s complicated, but let’s just say a cauldron was involved. To find out all the details yourself, click on the badge or the two links above. I made it easy for you.

And stay away from the food and beverage cart—trust me on that.


ML Swift

And an important post script: Laura’s novel, Immortal Desires has been nominated by The Romance Reviews in the Best Romance—Paranormal Romance category for 2012! I am so thrilled for her.

To cast your vote (and we all will be casting votes for her, will we not?), follow this link: The Romance Reviews. You must sign in to vote.

I just came from voting and boy…what folks will write! Goodness. I’m blushing 50 shades of rosé!


4 thoughts on “Redirect to Mistress Snark’s and Join Us For a Spot of Tea

    1. Hmmm…tells me that you skim my stuff. LOL. No, although I wrote and posted it with the redirect blurb, it did come after my sign-out, so it was easy to overlook. I hope it was seen by lots of others, though!

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