Spotlight On: Gus Sanchez

Spotlight On: Gus Sanchez of

Out Where the Buses Don’t Run

If you haven’t checked out this blog, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run, you’re missing something special. There was a reason for following Gus Sanchez—despite my mother’s warnings—and now I feel vindicated for my blind faith and stupidity.

He’s good. Damn good. But I knew that.

It’s a fact that became quite evident by the recent Freshly Pressed status of his article, “Should a Debut Novel ‘Play it Safe?'” In case you don’t know what Freshly Pressed is, simply put, it’s an article on a WordPress blog that is so well-written, interesting, humorous and the like, the good folks at WordPress spotlight it—kind of like an editor’s pick.

Out of all the gin blogs in all the towns in all the world, I had to walk into his…and am a much better writer for the experience.

Run, don’t walk, to the place where the buses don’t. You may get stranded, but you’ll love every minute of it.


ML Swift

Out Where the Buses Don't Run

I had checked my e-mail earlier tonight, as a matter of habit. I know I’ll probably have about 15-20 e-mails waiting, the majority of which are from retailers whom I’m too lazy to unsubscribe from their mass e-mailings.

I nearly shit a brick when I saw over 125 unread e-mail messages. What the…? I assumed the worst: that I’d been spam attacked again. But Hotmail has been very good about preventing that sort of thing from happening, and even though it’s a free e-mail service, it’s my personal e-mail, and I’m very choosy about what kind of e-mails I get. In other words, no e-mail solicitations from wealthy Nigerians wishing to bestow me their fortune, or offers for natural penis enhancement drugs.

What I saw was 125 unread messages from WordPress. This blogger likes your post. That blogger is now following you. Please moderate new commenter’s comment. Why all…

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