Heaven’s Honor Roll

“Jesus wept.” 
– John 11:35 

My most heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims in Newtown, CT.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.

For those who’d like to send cards of sympathy, support, and encouragement:

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Newtown, CT 06482

Photo credit: Justus Hayes, Creative Commons


19 thoughts on “Heaven’s Honor Roll

  1. Thanks, Robyn. Usually I find a quote by a writer about writing…something inspirational. But I didn't want today to be about writing. I wanted today to be about the kids.So I chose the most appropriate quote I could think of to express the heaviness in all our hearts, "Jesus wept."

  2. Thanks for coming by, Nancy. At first I was going to write something – a poem, a short story – but the names, birth dates, the scripture, and an empty swing set said it best.

  3. This is such a devastating tragedy. I am still stunned, as it seems everyone else is, too. It would be horrific, even if these were adults. But to think about all of the things that lay ahead for these babies… Thank you for this touching tribute.

  4. When I saw the dates and realized that they were only six and seven, I cried out in sorrow. And then I cried out in anger. At six and seven, I was tossing "hot potato" and playing stickball, not ducking gunfire in the safety of my elementary school – or even worried it was a possibility.This swing set should not be empty.

  5. All were shot several times, and at close range. I couldn't fathom looking in the eyes of a child and pulling the trigger – or of anybody for that matter. And he killed his mother, first.A blacker heart I've never known.

  6. At first the teachers, principal, and psychologist were included, but when I saw the ages of the kids, changed my mind and decided to memorialize only the lives of those who were too young, too innocent, too trusting to even know that such an evil exists.But I thank you for bringing them up in the comments. Yes, they and their heroic acts should definitely be remembered and honored. Thanks, D.

  7. Mike,Thank you for your comments and verse. Very appropriate. Please remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. I posted this on my blog but want to post it here because I know several of your folowers don't come my way. My goal is to flood the school with love and encouragements. If you can find some time please join me in this endeavor.The school’s address is:Sandy Hook Elementary School12 Dickenson DriveNewtown, CT 06482Thanks for letting me invade your blog. God Bless.

  8. Roxanne – Yes, a horrific act no matter what the age, but to rob the young from lives full of promise is doubly senseless. I just don't understand. If ever I need to get into the mind of a psychopath for a novel, I'll turn to this day and consider this guy.Melissa and Jenny – Today my mind could not leave the image of what the 26 families affected will be going through. In nine days – when the initial shock has left the rest of the world, now sitting at the base of their own trees, laughing with families and opening presents – silence will echo in the houses of the innocent lives taken so abruptly.The parents of these young children had probably already bought many presents – something favorite that "Mommy, I've just got to have!" The joy of buying that gift, sneaking it in and wrapping it with the knowledge that this is the gift that will make the child's Christmas spectacular, has now been replaced by a level of grief that cannot be named, simply at the mere sight of that gift.My heart breaks deeply for them and these children.

  9. Thanks Mike,Please try to keep the nice comments about me to a minimum. I have a reputation to keep up. Can't mess it up by you spreading nice things. Ha Ha.

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