Festivus Alexicus

Photo by Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, Flickr

Cheers! Today begins the world-wide roast of Alex J. Cavanaugh, founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG), author of the sci-fi series, CassaStar, CassaFire, and the upcoming CassaStorm, blogger extraordinaire  and magician. Yes, magician. How he appears everywhere at once would baffle even The Great Houdini. A new article popped up on my blogroll the other day as posting “one second ago.” I dashed over to make a comment; Alex had already been there. I tell you, the man’s accepted in more places than Visa, and it’s my understanding that even China follows him.

But being a man who only met Alex a month or so ago, I haven’t really experienced the personal interaction in which most have delighted; however, having read the many, many, many, many comments, book launches, blurbs, witicisms and whatnots he’s left in his wake, there is a great deal that I can glean in order to satisfy the specs of this blogfest. So bear with me, and Alex, congratulations! To give back a portion of what you so generously impart on the bloggerhood is an honor.

Photo by
Roger Price, Flickr

What does Alex look like? (20 words)

This character is a cool cat, wired on a vat of coffee. Company mascot or random Alex sighting? You decide.

Photo by
Inngih Slamet, Flickr

Who could play Alex in a documentary?
(20 words)

A caricature of Rowan Atkinson fills the playbill nicely. For some reason, I picture Alex’s life to be quite “animated.”

Photo by
JonathanB 1989, Flickr

Who does Alex remind you of? (20 words)

Lego Ninja. In kindergarten, there was this kid, Duplo Ninja, who I’m sure grew up to be Alex — uncanny similarities.  

And now for my flash-fiction entry, a 100-word prompt using the words Cavanaugh, Ninja, Cosbolt, Guitar, and IWSG. Also woven into the story are an additional 40 words of thanks to Mrs. Cavanaugh for her unselfish giving of Alex to our little blogdom. 

Give, give, give…you’d think it’s Christmas. Oh yeah…it is! Have a merry one, Alex and Mrs. Alex.


After he landed the Cosbolt 3000 Turbo Sedan at the IWSG  the Intergalactic Writer’s Space Gala  Captain Cavanaugh turned to announce our arrival, but instead, politely puked on my lap. 

“Sorry…I’ve always had trouble with spacesickness,” he drooled, “be a good ninja buddy and clean that up for me, mm-kay?”

What choice did I have? He’d retched all over my thighs. Yanking the guitar-shaped latch to pop the exit, I watched his dinner trickle onto my shoes.

“You need to chew your corn better.”

“Hmm? ‘Djew say something? I’m in a rush…got a date with the missus.”

 “Mrs. C.? Give her my regards…she’s sweet to let you warpspeed to our quadrant…a fine woman there, Alex.”

“Yeah, a blessing.”

“But carry this with you,” I sneaked him a white caplet, “in case of emergency.”


“No…Tic Tac.”

Thanks, Alex, for all that you do!



87 thoughts on “Festivus Alexicus

  1. It was fun to put together; glad you stopped by. I almost chose the real one, but wanted to stay away from actual humans…and then there was the fact that Alex is so animated.

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