Welcome To The New Layout!

Hello fellow wordsmiths, and thank you for following me over to my new writer’s blog. I hope you like the layout and find it easy to navigate.

When first developing my other blog, Treading Water in the Goldfish Bowl, it was to be about these years as a caregiver for my Mom. I tried to incorporate my life as a writer into it, but after delving into the publishing world, realized that perhaps a separate one was necessary for my literary interests.

The thought was reinforced this past week after being added to The Alzheimer’s Reading Room as a monthly contributor. Because my bio was linked to the blog, suddenly tons of caregivers were passing through a website that was now geared to writers. But writers and caregivers are two different demographics seeking information on two very different subjects, thus precipitating the total split.

Therefore, Treading Water in the Goldfish Bowl has returned to its original status as a site devoted to the caregiving of a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and will contain anecdotes of life with my mom.

My new writer’s blog…where you’re at right now…is called M.L. Swift, Chasing Windmills. Well, you can read; it’s right up at the top of the page.

All new posts will come through the home page, however, Tuesday Tips & How-To’s and Sunday Inspirations will also file themselves into their respective slots. There are tabs assigned to each for easier access to past posts.

Thursday Thoughts has been dropped from the schedule, as its original purpose was to have a day set aside for random musings and stories about life with Mom. But since Treading Water is now solely for that purpose, there’s no need for it here. So, Thursday Thoughts are now replaced by my random musings that can happen on any given day. If it’s not a Tip or Inspiration, it will live on the home page.

Eventually, the tab that reads Short Stories will have a little something for you to peruse, as I’ll be filling that up with past, present, and future creative endeavors. After all, what’s a writer who doesn’t write? A poser! (Thanks to Julie for that nugget!)

If you followed Treading Water as a writer, you’re more than welcome to continue following as a reader, however, please remember to “refollow” me on this blog. I can use all the writing buddies I can get!

Thanks, and I hope you like my new digs!



8 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Layout!

  1. Great idea to separate the two. One of the tips I learned from Jeff Goins' Intentional Blogging course was the importance of clarifying the purpose for your blog. That was very helpful to me because at the time I was all over the place with mine.I also like the clean, crisp look on both blogs. Bravo!

  2. Thanks Roxanne – it did make perfect sense. It's all been an evolution since I got it really up and running a month ago. Now I'm up to two blogs! But the other one is too important to me, and I like interacting with that demographic.And I wanted it a little cleaner around here. The other was getting too depressing. :o)(Did you make sure to follow?) ;o)

  3. Wow, from pseudonym to way out there. It's been inspiring to see your rapid evolution.I've made the changes on Eurekawrote as you suggested. Happy birthday to your mom.

  4. I. LOVE. THE. NEW. DIGS!!!!!! Fresher, crisper, easier on the eyes. The previous dark background was a bit hard to read (thanks for saving my eyes on this one). I applaud you for the new direction you're taking with your blogs and writing goals. The separation is a smart move. Count on me to hang out with you on both blogs.Congrats on your ARR monthly contribution role. If what I've seen so far from your writing is any indication, then you're sure to be a success for ARR. Also, I left a comment over there for your "In The Darkness of Dawn" post (well accidentally there's duplicate comments–erase one if you can). I truly love your writing in that story. To me it's phenomenal.

  5. Isn't it so much nicer? I love it, too! I needed to sit in the dark for awhile to appreciate the light. It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life, and I'm feeling good.I couldn't remove the extra post…but you know what? It was such a lovely thought that it deserved repeating! Thanks!

  6. Thanks Rob for stopping by and following. Hopefully by December Monty will be fully alive and kicking, ready for his next adventure to be written. Actually, waiting for the current adventure to be revised a hundred times.

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