Well! What a pleasure it is to turn and find you there. We don’t get many visitors, at least not to this part of the manse. Somehow—and I must reprimand the downstairs staff—you have stumbled upon the secret study of M.L. Swift, Writer, that is, the unassuming man who sits quietly on the other side of the room. My name is Butler, his valet.

Photo by: Terry Lawson via photopin cc

Because you have successfully navigated the series of mazes and firewalls to arrive at this room, you are welcome to stay and join us for coffee, but only for a few minutes.

Have a seat while I pour you a cup. Not over there with him! Are you daft? He demands solitude when he writes. The chair on this side of the room. Yes, that one. Cream? Sugar?

Be warned—this is an ever-changing room. After your coffee, you must exit by way of the dumbwaiter that leads to the passageway above marked, “Blog,” for in the moments you’ve been here, the walls have shifted, and the door that you entered no longer exists.

As is his preference, the study is kept dim, lit only by the glow of the laptop, a kerosene lamp, and the fading embers in the fireplace. Please…no flash photography. No photography of any kind. His privacy is of the utmost importance.

It is an honor to watch the Master of the House at work, with his fingers woven together and placed behind his neck, holding up a head that is heavy-laden with brilliant adventures. His eyes, glazed and fixed upon an imaginary kite in a faraway sky, reflect the words that have been his labor these past few hours. You seem to have arrived in the middle of his musing.

Yes…he is musing. Be very still.

He was once heard to say that when he appears idle, he is actually creating in his mind and must not be disturbed, therefore, I believe it is time to take your leave. I am told that this is some of the most important work a writer does.

Plus, if I’m not mistaken, those are the sounds of snoring.

(Crawl in the Dumbwaiter to Blog.)


 ML Swift 


30 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Sounds cool, James. The dumbwaiter works both ways, and will easily carry me over to visit your site. There are hidden tunnels and wormholes all over…and I know many of them. 😉

  1. Okay, now we’re official followers.

    Hello there, “Butler.” (Can’t help but hear overtones of “Luther,” Keye and Peele’s alter-Bama anger-ego – do you know that sketch comedy duo from Comedy Central?)

    And the Manse looks great.

    kYm (with a “why”)-n-Mark

    1. Love me some good sketch comedy, but alas, my mother thinks it can be a little too sophomoric, so I’ve missed out on the most recent stuff since she’s been with me. I’ve always loved SNL, SCTV, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, In Living Color, etc., though, so I’ll have to check into Keye and Peele.

      So glad you like the place. Don’t look too hard in the corners just yet…or under the rug…or in the closets. I stashed everything away in hopes of putting them where they belong when there’s more time. So in other words, never. Butler doesn’t clean too well , and do you know how hard it is to find a housekeeper with the name, “Maid?” Cook and Driver were a breeze.

      1. You’re naming our fav sketch artists, plus BBC’s League of Gentlemen. Yeah, you’d definitely love K &P — but record them and bed down Mom first before you screen!

        So hard to get good help these days (don’t Kym started about Mark).

  2. Mike, thanks for the generous “Inspiring Blogger Award” — but you’re the inspiration. We always look forward to your postings and your vigorous presence in this world!

  3. Thank you for this post my friend. I enjoyed the style of writing as well. Will be coming back for more. I appreciate you checking out my blog and commenting. Thank You

  4. Alright, just for you, Mike, I shall follow a wordpress blog. It feels like crossing the picket line. 😉

    I’ve missed you too.
    Be well.

  5. Swifty!

    Love it.

    Love your blog. Though I did do a double take to make sure I was in the right place!

    And thanks for your kind words on my blog today. Helps SO MUCH to know that we’re not alone. 🙂

    1. Didn’t the name of the site clue you in? LOL. I know…it looks a little classier than I usually am, but I can hob-knob with the best of them. This is my secret lair, like Batman has. Butler is my Alfred.

      Hope all is well at your end…hugs to hubby and those adorable kids.

    1. Thanks, Gina. And thank you for stopping by and commenting. Check out the other areas of the site: The Progressive Book Club, the Blog, and My Tribe.

      I went to your place…very nice! From the looks of your followers, you must be from IWSG. I look forward to your posts.

  6. I don’t have a butler yet, but my hubby works from home and his office is on the other side of the house. I do allow him to interrupt whilst I write…also my dog Bailey stops by several times a day. But the phone often goes unanswered…

    1. My phone always goes unanswered…almost always. But my dog can always be found at my feet or nearby…well, almost always. Heck. Everyone interrupts at their leisure. You can’t find good help nowadays.

  7. What a nice dark place you have here. I think I’ll have a look around, if you don’t mind…
    I saw your comment at Charmaine’s place about my cover reveal so I thought I would drop by and say hello. Thanks for the interest.


    1. Thanks for swinging by and commenting, James. Yes, I like it dim…I do my best writing on dreary overcast days. And thanks for following!

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