Comfort and Joy

This post originally started as part of the A-Z Challenge, but unfortunately, I had to pull out of that for health reasons. Sounds funny, I know, but each post still had about a quarter of work left, and this pneumonia has me wiped out. I simply don’t have the energy for it. I’ll keep my … More Comfort and Joy

The Year of the Writer

New Beginnings Another year, another month, another week, another day, and another IWSG post to kick things off. Yes, 2013 has arrived, much to the disappointment of doomsdayists, angst-ridden teens, and the Mayans – Maya Angelou and Maya Rudolph – who are busy scrambling for sold-out day planners at Office Depot. They simply couldn’t face another day … More The Year of the Writer

Book by Book

Christmas is six days away and my excitement has reached DEFCON Readiness Level II: Fast Pace or Red, meaning Santa’s arrival is imminent. For weeks, the sounds of the season have been streaming throughout my home, and by this weekend, when my niece and her roommate arrive, we’ll have a houseful of holiday cheer splitting the … More Book by Book