PBC—Sick Day

I rose at 3:00 this morning, swigged down a couple of cups of coffee, and broke out my highlighted copy of The Artist’s Way to review for my post. My stomach winced, my throat clinched, and I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. “The coffee must be hitting wrong.” Feeling dizzy and still a … More PBC—Sick Day

Upcoming PBC Titles and June GIVEAWAY!

EXCITING NEWS! I’m hosting my first GIVEAWAY for the June Progressive Book Club! The details are as follows: Go to this link, JUNE GIVEAWAY, and enter to win either The Artist’s Way Starter Kit (Paperback Book and Morning Journal) or The Artist’s Way Paperback. You do not have to sign up for June’s discussion of The Artist’s Way to be eligible … More Upcoming PBC Titles and June GIVEAWAY!