PBC Reminder: Posting Date January 15th—Sign Up Now!

Hello fellow readers, and writers, and readers who are writers, and writers who are readers, and anyone else who has perused the pages from cover to cover of a book this month. Yeah, you. It’s almost time for the first meeting of the Progressive Book Club 2014! If you don’t know what it’s about, complete … More PBC Reminder: Posting Date January 15th—Sign Up Now!

Book by Book

Christmas is six days away and my excitement has reached DEFCON Readiness Level II: Fast Pace or Red, meaning Santa’s arrival is imminent. For weeks, the sounds of the season have been streaming throughout my home, and by this weekend, when my niece and her roommate arrive, we’ll have a houseful of holiday cheer splitting the … More Book by Book

Writers for Readers

Shining a lighton a great event and idea! God bless the selfless acts of others, like Julie Luek from A Thought Grows. Julie was the first writing buddy I made when coming onto the cyberscene, and it’s been a treat to travel on this journey together. In her usual creative fashion, she took a worthwhile cause … More Writers for Readers