Temet Nosce—Know Thyself

The Matrix is one of my all-time favorite movies. I actually went to the theater and paid movie ticket prices to see it—albeit 1999 movie ticket prices—but I shelled out the clams, nonetheless. That’s rare. With the quick turnaround from theatrical to dvd release, as well as the low retail costs, I usually don’t mind waiting … More Temet Nosce—Know Thyself


The Year of the Writer

New Beginnings Another year, another month, another week, another day, and another IWSG post to kick things off. Yes, 2013 has arrived, much to the disappointment of doomsdayists, angst-ridden teens, and the Mayans – Maya Angelou and Maya Rudolph – who are busy scrambling for sold-out day planners at Office Depot. They simply couldn’t face another day … More The Year of the Writer

Lucky Number 13

May your inkwell runneth over And inspiration abound To spin tales of life’s journeys The whole year ’round Burma-Shave. Have a Happy and Verbose 2013! Peace, ML Photo Credit: aurostar739, Creative Commons

dMerry ChristmascMay all your sugarplum dreams come true. Peace,ML Swift ggg