Temet Nosce—Know Thyself

The Matrix is one of my all-time favorite movies. I actually went to the theater and paid movie ticket prices to see it—albeit 1999 movie ticket prices—but I shelled out the clams, nonetheless. That’s rare. With the quick turnaround from theatrical to dvd release, as well as the low retail costs, I usually don’t mind waiting … More Temet Nosce—Know Thyself



Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaughfor hosting the IWSG FaceEverythingAndRevise! November, with its cozy fall mixture of auburn and gold, the chill in the air, the cranberry mold, reminds us to pause for a moment and hold those dear to us close to our hearts. Ah…it’s few and far between that I wax poetic, but there’s something … More IWSG — F.E.A.R.


“My advice is…really the same for anybody writing any kind of book…but I guess it’s more for fiction writers like myself. It’s really basically this: WRITE.”  – Anne Rice  Roxanne Ravenel writes a weekly craft column called Storyteller Saturdays over on her site, Mindful Banter, in which she posts insightful interviews and observations of some of the … More WRITE ON!