ERMAHGERD! “Der Ertrerst’s Wer” Gervahwer Werners!*

* Oh my God! “The Artist’s Way” Giveaway Winners! I saw this picture-turned-meme over at Gus’s site, followed the link to the story behind it and laughed for the next 15 minutes. Of course I had to grab a blank one for my own use and join in on the whole “Ermahgerd” phenomenon. That FACE! Priceless! … More ERMAHGERD! “Der Ertrerst’s Wer” Gervahwer Werners!*

Addictive Inspiration

Those who follow this site know that my Sunday posts are reserved for quotes pertaining to writing and life — reflections appropriate to events that have happened in my own little world — and the events that affected today’s choices for Sunday Quotes had me shopping around for quips on both addiction and inspiration. It seems as though I’m the … More Addictive Inspiration