Merry Christmas!

“God bless us, everyone!” – Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol May you and yours have a joyous and safe holiday season. See you in 2015. Peace, M.L. Swift is a lover of words who squanders away his afternoons arranging them into sentences which, when combined, resemble fiction. A caregiver for over ten years, he has written … More Merry Christmas!


C. Lee McKenzie’s Latest: Sudden Secrets

With her most recent endeavor, Sudden Secrets, C. Lee McKenzie has released yet another novel that the angst-ridden tweens, teens, and young adults are sure to eat up. Other than the blurb below, I can’t tell you much, but if it’s anything like her previous books and short stories, it’s destined to find a sacred place on … More C. Lee McKenzie’s Latest: Sudden Secrets

A Review of “Poole’s Paradise” by John Vorhaus

When you’re Alexander Poole, everyone’s your teacher: A skeevy stereo salesman, master of the bait and switch. A flaky folk singer and his dog that reads Tolkien. A drug dealer loan shark with a passion for trees. A ballsy townie chick who turns you on to Springsteen. Your wiseass roommate whose favorite pastime is smoking your dope. Your first college girlfriend who has sex with you to confirm that she’s gay. Even your one true love. Together they point you to paradise – Poole’s Paradise – but what will it cost to get in? … More A Review of “Poole’s Paradise” by John Vorhaus