Reality Bites

I like the “reblog” feature on WordPress. With it, I can be as lazy as I want and still provide excellent content on my site. Mondays make for good lazy days.

Over the weekend, Debbie McClure from The Write Stuff Dot Me published an inspiring article concerning Dreaming vs. Doing. Oftentimes as writers, we allow external distractions — you know, life — to interfere with our livelihoods, giving one problem after another priority over our work, yet we still wonder why the hell we’re not advancing in our careers.

Do you know what I mean? Here are a few examples: “This hangnail hurts too much to type; I’d better take a nap,” or “It’s a bad hair day; I’m off to the salon,” or better yet, “My tooth aches; I can’t think.” Yes, the last one was actually a recent concern of mine. Thing is, while they may be legitimate reasons for self-care, the writing doesn’t get done, now does it? So what does work? Practicing the Butt-in-Chair Philosophy — no matter what. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just do it, despite how you feel, otherwise, everything becomes a good reason to remain idle.

She likens writing — or actually succeeding in anything you wish to accomplish — to a baby learning to walk, however, rather than clumsily rehashing her article here, why don’t you follow the teaser below and read it for yourself? Believe me, she does a much better job than I ever could.

Debbie hails from Ontario, Canada, and aside from covering various writing-related topics on her blog, also partners with Christina Hamlett on the site, You Read It Here First, Conversations With Today’s Authors. Pay close attention to the next-to-last paragraph of her article for a sneak-peek of an up-and-comer they’ll soon be spotlighting. Here’s a clue: he likes to hyphenate.

Happy Monday! Give Debbie’s article a look-see and her blog a follow while you’re at it. Oh, and get to work!


12 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. Thanks, Mike. I enjoyed Debbie’s words, as well as yours. As I commented on her blog post, this seems to be the theme right now in my writing feed, and I embrace the message loud and clear.

    1. Yes, wise words for us all. I’m embracing it, too, as I’ve let a great many outside “distractions” curb my writing, and that is something I don’t want. My momentum is on a roll and I want to ride it to the finish line! Thanks for coming over (and I edited your earlier misnomer for you).

  2. Hi there!

    I just stopped by to check out your blog. I’ve signed up for yet another year of the A to Z Challenge and look forward to reading many, many posts next month…;~)

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin
    author of THE STORY CATCHER (Anaiah Press 2015)
    coauthor CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: ANGELS AMONG US (Simon & Schuster 2013)


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