Guest post: Emotional Truth by John Vorhaus

A little over a week ago, I reviewed John Vorhaus’s book, “Poole’s Paradise,” and afterward, also extolled the virtues of his non-fiction works–mainly, books on the craft of writing. Today, on MorgEn Bailey’s Writing Blog, John guest posts on the subject of Emotional Truth–adding a deeper layer to your writing–which I’ve reblogged for your perusal. It’s a prime example of the sage advice he gives the fledgling writer (and himself) so that we may spread our wings and really soar. Take his words to heart.

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Today’s guest blog post, on the topic of the craft of writing, is brought to you by scriptwriter, non-fiction author and ‘sunshine noir’ mystery novelist (amongst many other skills) John Vorhaus.

Emotional Truth

John VorhausWriters often find themselves confronted by the question, “What is emotional truth?” and the further question, “How do I put it on the page?” As someone who has taught and trained writers all over the world – and of course struggled with these questions myself – I find that writers go through predictable stages in their quest to convey authentic emotional meaning in their work.

At first, many writers have no idea that such a thing as emotional truth even exists. They are focused solely on making the plot work, making the jokes funny, or advancing the action from event to event. At this stage, there is little or no thought to a work’s deeper meaning…

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8 thoughts on “Guest post: Emotional Truth by John Vorhaus

    1. No, thank you! I’m a loyal fan of JV and promote when I can…I think his guest post on your blog was the first time I’ve used the “reblog” option on WP. You have a nice site over there…have added you to my reader. Nice meeting you.

      1. Doesn’t it come in handy with something worth sharing? I think I’ll use it a lot more often, as I need to write on other things and don’t want my blog to suffer for lack of content. Especially good content. Thanks for hosting John. I’ve found he always has something worthwhile to say, and usually in an enjoyable way. 🙂


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