A Little Care Goes a Long Way

A couple of weeks ago, Misha Gericke over at The Five Year Project (formerly, My First Book) notified me that I received a Pay It Forward Award, about which I’ve patiently waited for a formal announcement so I could share it on my own blog. The announcement was made today, so now I finally get to show off the wonderful Hawaiian Care Package that was donated by Mark Koopmans.

Chocolate and Macadamias…who could ask for more?

There were nineteen fantastic people who received recognition, and ALL of the prizes were First Class, however, the last thing I needed was another book, what with the 30,000+ books already collecting dust in my Kindle that I’ve yet to read. But when I scanned the list of prizes and came across Mark’s donation of a Hawaiian care package, I jumped on it.

If there were one thing I needed at this point in my life, it would be a CARE PACKAGE. Especially one that included two of my favorite things: chocolate and macadamia nuts.

So thank you Misha and Mark. This really brightened up a gloomy month, both literal and emotional. Bless you both!


ML Swift


22 thoughts on “A Little Care Goes a Long Way

    1. Thanks, Melissa.

      It’s a great prize. I’ve never donated (no book pubbed yet and my critiques…pretty hardcore…would alienate people), but I can put together a decent care package. Mark had a wonderful idea that I think I may borrow.

  1. Oh I was hoping you’d win and have been waiting to hear! Yay! Congratulations, Mike. And I’m with you– book shmooks– chocolate is what I’m talkin’ about.

    1. Thanks, Julie! As a matter of fact, it was perfect for my needs (and heavy heart) and came just at the right time.

      I think that I’ll donate in the future…different types of care packages, like a writer’s kit and things to that nature.

      And chocolate.

  2. Winner, Winner, Chocolate Dinner….

    You are too cool for school…I am glad that you won. Keep up the great work, and finish the story of Monty (or whatever his new name is). My daughter would be a great ideal reader for you, especially if there is a kitten in the mix. Ha ha.

    1. I’ve always kept your daughter in mind as a possible beta reader or advanced copy recipient to see how the intended demographic feels about it. Thanks, Rob.

      P.S. But NO kittens. I’ll leave that to the Facebook Feline Fanatics.

    1. Gwen…what a pleasant surprise to see you here! Yes, the care package went SWIFTLY. I think I could make a meal out of macadamias. Chocolate would be the dessert. I’ve noticed you’re participating in Tree of Life. I must take a look at that…I’m involved in something similar at The Magill Review and am really looking forward to my turn. 🙂

  3. Aloha Mike,

    You know what I love the most? That *you* got the point of the care package and now you’re thinking of doing something similar 🙂

    Isn’t that “paying it forward in a (macadamia) nut shell 🙂

    PS… THANK YOU!!! for the very kind words in the card I received Monday (08.05) and all I can say is, “Amen, Brother Swift, amen.” 🙂

    PPS: Hey, here’s an idea… you take the east coast and I’ll take the west coast… we can be the care package crew 🙂

    PPPS: We may need some sponsorship money – but the thought is there 🙂

    1. I was thoroughly moved, so much that I am paying it forward this next month. Your gift was an inspiration and a blessing! Funny how God works that way. 🙂 And I don’t mind taking the east coast.

  4. I love your care package – it contains my favourite kind of food: food.

    But I love this idea of pay it forward too. Great to see so many bloggers building their own philosophical ways of existing online. Karma good 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tara. I’m just getting back into the groove full-time (I was slowly easing back into it) and will be by later. It was a SWEET surprise…and so tasty, too. 🙂


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