PBC—Sick Day

The Artist's WayI rose at 3:00 this morning, swigged down a couple of cups of coffee, and broke out my highlighted copy of The Artist’s Way to review for my post. My stomach winced, my throat clinched, and I rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

“The coffee must be hitting wrong.”

Feeling dizzy and still a bit nauseous, I laid back down and slept until 9:00. Again I rose and again I tappity-tapped on my keyboard to write about our PBC selection this month. And again I had to run to the bathroom and puke.

“Was it something I ate?” (Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner last night)

As the day progressed, I realized my wrap-up would not get finished and that I needed to beg off for a sick day. I tried. I loved the book and the program and am anxious to share with you. Please look for my post as soon as this bug passes, when I have more energy and functionality.

And that’s how it’s been today…up and down from my bed, attempts to calm my spinning head, efforts futile on my post, a day of rest would help the most. Sorry…couldn’t help it…that just spilled out of me.

Be sure to visit all the participants for this summer’s book. July’s posts cover weeks 1-4 of the program.


ML Swift


29 thoughts on “PBC—Sick Day

  1. I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon!
    And you definitely have a free pass from me. (I forgot to write my post on The Artist’s Way)

  2. Hope you get the wheels put back on. Personally, I hate being sick and I really hate to puke.

    Cant wait to read the updated adventures of Monty (or whatever his new name will be)

  3. Either the devil’s trying to keep you away from your calling, or your body is making you take a much needed break. I hope you take it as a break, and that once you’re free from it, you are blooming with ideas, creativity, structure and the flow of writing.

    1. I think my body is telling me to take it a little easier. I’ve been going at break-neck speed for a few months now, with emotional duress the entire time, and am exhausted. I am taking things slowly and listening to my body, though. Thanks!

  4. Oh no, I missed it again! Oh, I mean, mostly oh no you’re sick… but also… I missed it again! Sorry sorry sorry. I’ll do one up over the weekend and post it late, in the meantime I will happily visit everyone else’s 🙂
    And get better. Just that.

    1. And I’m still under the weather! Some stomach bug or something, but it is not enjoyable in the least. I’m going to do mine over the weekend, too, so I’ll be posting with you.

      It’s really my fault for not keeping on top of notifying and reminding people. Just now getting back into the groove. I hope to get an email out to all the participants today.

  5. Aloha Mike,

    Likewise, wishing you a full and speedy recovery – and hey, according to the USPS, you should be receiving a small care package Saturday 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mark! I really appreciate it. When I saw your Hawaiian Care Package on the list, I thought, “If there’s one thing I need right now, it’s a care package.” It’s been a tough few months. I’ll be waiting with baited breath! Thanks again.

    1. It passed…no worse for wear, but still coming out of mourning. That may take some time. I actually sang for the first time today (in the house), which is a good sign.

  6. Okay, what’s with the weird placement of my emoticon smiley face? Have your tech people talk to my tech people to get that fixed.

    1. It looks fine to me, however, I know what you’re talking about. It always seems to place it at the oddest spot, not necessarily where you want it.


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