Five Minutes with Anne Lamott: On Writing and Life


Well good morning, all!

Today marks the inaugural meeting of the Progressive Book Club, where we will be discussing the book, Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott.

I loved it—all of it—word by word.

And if you follow me regularly, you know how much I also love quotes. So I combined the two, picked out the best of Anne’s insightful writing tips (and observations on life), and made a video of fifty nifty highlights to tuck away into those nooks and crannies that we never seem to revisit:

Bird by Bird—Potent Quotables

Weren’t those quite the life-changers? Or at least, writing-changers? That’s only the bare bones; in the book you’ll find a slab of meat attached to each drumstick that will fill you up until the button on your jeans pops off.

This video is on my Youtube channel if ever you need to refresh your memory, talent, or spirit.


As for me…I believe my work here is done. I’ll count this first meeting as a whopping success, leave you to click the button below for a list of all the other participants (who are an excellent group of writers, might I add), and hope that you visit and delight in the shared-learning of Bird by Bird.

May you enjoy it as much as I did.

And I want to see all of you back (and then some) on the third Wednesday of next month, when we will pore over the new classic, Save the Cat!

The Progressive Book Club is open each month. For more information, or to join, go HERE.


 ML Swift 

WordPress dislikes link lists, and only allows for a button to redirect to another page. Click on the frog’s head to see all the other talents joining in on the discussion:

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