Is it Wednesday already?

A writer’s work is never done. Just too many good stories to tell.

I hope everyone is joyfully creating new worlds, exploring blossoming relationships, planning murderous schemes, or just writing some good old-fashioned family fare.

I’ve been so wrapped up in my projects lately that I didn’t make time for a real post. It slipped my mind that today was my usual blogging day, actually.

So it’s my hope that all of this month’s Progressive Book Club participants are enjoying and gaining from Bird by Bird as much as I am, and I’ll see you on Sunday for my next post. And don’t forget that tomorrow is Melissa Maygrove’s first anniversary. Make sure to go by and wish her well. She runs a delightful site, and I never miss her Grammar Police Mondays.




Photo credit: Enokson, Creative Commons



14 thoughts on “Is it Wednesday already?

  1. Go Writing! Hope you're feeling good about your efforts– you sure have given it a lot of focus. I've seen a lot of mentions of your book club. That's great.

  2. It ate my comment. Anyway, Good you are busy writing. I must ask you to delete my name from the Book Club list, my friend. My defeat is clear. I have not been able to get my claws on that book. I'll be lurking from the window, though.

  3. Looking forward to the book discussion. Will you post further instructions on how it will work come Sunday? Meanwhile, thanks to Ms. Lamott, I'm off to work some more on a ****** first draft.

  4. Aww. Aren't you sweet to mention my blogiversary!(Want to know my secret? Write ahead and pre-schedule. Or at least have some drafts saved you can post in a pinch. 😉

  5. Aww…truly 'tis a shame, but I appreciate all your efforts in trying to be a part. I understand completely, though. Each book will get a three month advance notice…I hope you can join us on a few of them.When I was at your blog the other day, I wondered if I was "the friend that you promised something to." If so, really, don't sweat it. I know we can't participate in everything and I really, really am honored that you went to such efforts to try.Thanks, Al. :o)

  6. LOL! Now THAT was funny, Alex. I'm sitting here chuckling. After I posted, I said, "Well, that ended up being sort of real."Your comments are always real. Just the mere fact that you can swing by and comment speaks volumes for your commitment and dedication. I try to do the same, but just can't keep up. Thanks for taking the time for me and my little ol' blog. :o)

  7. I'll bring the cake! I've done that a couple of times – write ahead – but don't have enough in reserve to fall back on just yet. You are so on top of things and organized. I bet you don't have a junk drawer in the house!I'll be over to wish you well.

  8. Swifty was my nickname in High School, which later became "Not so Swift" in college from my fraternity buds. LOL. I was crazy and foolish! Yes – it is QUITE a good thing. I should be thankful that I'm given the opportunities and ability to do something about it. It will sure wear a soul out, though. Where's my regular coffee (It was the wrong time to switch to decaf).Thanks for coming by, Morgan!


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