The Year of the Writer

New Beginnings

Another year, another month, another week, another day, and another IWSG post to kick things off. Yes, 2013 has arrived, much to the disappointment of doomsdayists, angst-ridden teens, and the Mayans – Maya Angelou and Maya Rudolph – who are busy scrambling for sold-out day planners at Office Depot.

They simply couldn’t face another day of singing with the caged birds.

As for me, I intend to greet the impending unknown with open arms, embracing it with a bear hug – albeit, a koala bear hug, but ursine, nonetheless (yes, I know the koala is technically a marsupial, but work with me).

The case with new beginnings is that they afford wonderful opportunities to reflect where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re heading by asking the question, “Is this where I want to go?” If not, changes inevitably have to be made.

Beginning something new, or even revamping something old, can be daunting. I’ve started this post a dozen times – wrote a bit, threw up my hands in frustration, and then scrapped each one. None were going in a direction that pleased me.

You see, the thing about facing those scary new directions (as opposed to scary nude erections), or about venturing off on roads untraveled, is to have a solid game plan when going in and to follow it with gusto.

Do I have a solid game plan? Uh…no. But there are three essential elements in my ditty bag of personal strengths that are working in my favor:

Belief, faith, and trust.

I believe that this is truly my calling. That this is what the events in my life have all been leading up to.

I have faith in God that when in doubt, when all my efforts seem hopeless, the sea will part and a path will open before me.

And I trust Him – implicitly – to keep the walls of water at bay, to hold them back from crashing down upon me until I am safely on the other side, armed and ready for my next battle.

It still doesn’t mean I have a clue what I’m doing, but I know that HE does.

So I’m entering 2013 with the following declaration that came to me yesterday:

Know it. Believe it. Be it.

I know this is God’s plan for me and believe that with all my heart.

I am M.L. Swift, Writer. Hear me roar.

Let 2013 be the Year of the Writer. Today, make a decision to claim it as your own!

This post was written as a part of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group. We post the first Wednesday of every month and share our solutions to common difficulties, encourage other writers to meet their insecurities head-on, and seek supportive shoulders to tear-stain when we’ve received just one too many rejections.

If you’d like to join the group (and we’d love to have you), follow the link to Alex’s site, grab a badge, and put your name on the list. I’ll see you next month!


40 thoughts on “The Year of the Writer

  1. First, like the new header and look of your blog– you've been busy revamping. I love that you are planting your feet firmly in the writer soil and making this declaration your guide for the coming year. I will support, encourage and cheer you on, writer friend. I know– truly know– this will be a fruitful year for you.

  2. Thanks, Julie. I was creatively procrastinating last night. Just felt like a new outfit to accompany my new outlook for the new year. Did you grab a blog button? :o)Thanks for always being there for me…those times you offer encouragement and the times I need that shoulder (and listening ear). This is the year for YOU, too!

  3. Thanks, Alex. I truly appreciate all that you do, and love the fact that so many of us look to God for our strength to get through the struggles of life…and publication.I look forward to spending 2013 with you and all the others of IWSG!

  4. He DID change his blog, didn't he! I thought something looked different. LOLYou go right ahead and rooooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr, ML. :DIWSG #137 until Alex culls the list again.

  5. I was actually JUST heading over to your place, Melissa!The transition is still in progress with both the writer and the blog. I wanted the header up for this post, since it follows my "I am writer, hear me roar" theme.Thanks for coming by. I've had a busy morning right after posting and am just now making my rounds.

  6. Love the new look. God has great things in store. I'm with Alex…trust in God and all other things will fall into place. I know I'm thankful to God for introducing me to all my blogger friends. We were drawn together for a reason. Let's embrace it and roar together!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Jenny! Yes, I'm grateful to have a strong support system, including the members of IWSG that I'm getting to know. I'm building some excellent friendships, with you included!

  8. Well I guess that roar isn't coming from the cowardly lion of Oz. It looks like you're putting up your dukes (putt 'em up, putt 'em up) and ready to fight an amazing 2013 battle that's already been won for you. If God is for you, who can be against you? And because your faith is spiritually aligned— no weapon formed against you shall prosper.I love powerful declarations that are based on and rooted in strong faith. Stand in your power, my friend, and walk into your season.

  9. Love the new header, too. It's so very appropriate for the title of your blog and a very nice, new addition to complement your 2013 "Roar" fest. Two things I've noticed, however, is the text color of the subheading "Chasing Windmills…." blends into the background and kinda hard to read. The other thing is at first glance the windmill image looked like one of those large sunflowers. I think it's all a matter of shading. If you lighten the background shading slightly (not much) it will give it more clarity. Just my humble opinion.

  10. Thanks, D! I'm glad you noticed that…it was actually intentional. LOL! I wanted it to have that dreamy, ethereal look and appeal to it. It's legible and visible…but is it words and a windmill or merely a beautiful mirage? Am I awake or only dreaming? The blog's going to be under construction for the next month, but I'll definitely keep those suggestions in mind. By the time all is said and done, I might just be putting them into effect. Thanks for being my beta designer! :o)

  11. I'll listen for your roar across the publishing jungle (and over thousands of miles of ocean). It will be nice doing this with you in the wings, cheering. Thanks, Lynda.

  12. Just a play on the name Maya and the Mayan rutkus of late. Like the Mayans are all people named Maya. LOL. :o) I've got a weird sense of humor.Feel free to steal the Know it, believe it, be it picture and post it, if you want.

  13. If I…were king…of the forrrrrreesst…not prince, not duke, not earl.I love that your comments are such powerful declarations in themselves! Thanks for adding that to it (the last two sentences of the first paragraph).

  14. Or maybe write about taking no prisoners…or taking them to jail…or a prisoner who's confined to metal head gear and call it, The Man in the Iron Mask. Oh yeah, that's already been done.Whatever we do, it's good to be doing it with you in the jungle with me. :o) Thanks, Laura.

  15. I love that you've put 'God' and 'scary nude erections' in the same post (and will leave you to figure out why). Poor little Blinky Bill is blushing in his gum leaves.This is your insecurity post? Warn me when you're planning on publishing your, 'Yippee Yi Yoo' post, and I'll grab my sunglasses. (That translates to 'Great job, mate.' Seriously.)

  16. I go through phases…sometimes, like today, I'm feeling rather chipper. New year, new plans, new outlook…and it excites me. I'm all about possibilities.Last month you would have found me curled up in a panic attack about all the scariness ahead of me. Go look at that post! LOL.For the most part, I'm satisfied with my efforts – always looking for ways to improve, mind you – but content in the fact that I have the basics down. But I don't want to remain basic, so the newer stuff and ventures can be a little intimidating. Gotta reach for the stars with just a "knowing" that it will happen.Ohh…damn…my dog just farted. OH GAWD! I need to get out of this bed. NOW. Time to get another cuppa coffee, anyway.

  17. Well, D…I did take your suggestions into consideration and revamped the pic. I show more of the windmill and darkened the description to 151515 (black) on the hex html color code. I think 040404 is the only thing darker – pitch black, I guess. It was just too black. Seemed to zap off the page, like it wasn't a part of it. But for some reason, it looks different saved. The word intermingle with the pixels of the shading and it sort of vibrates. Hope you like. :o)

  18. Yes, with all your might! Thanks for stopping by, Al. The faith…eh…it wanes at times, but always gets a boost if I look at the happenings around me with a discerning eye.

  19. Swifty,I am glad that Eggie commented about the 'scary nude errections. I am not sure what to say about that except I am afraid! Ha Ha.You go tiger, take your faith, hope and love and turn it into the year of Monty!No fear!

  20. Al…I tried to link to your site, but your icon won't get me there. I even googled you, but have no idea which one you are. Thanks for visiting; I'd love to return the favor!

  21. Oh my gosh… you are TOO COOL, Swift. I LOVE this kind of energy! And I LOVE people who aren't afraid to just go for it–to embrace the process and face it head on. You. Are. Awesome. 😀

  22. Rob – great to see you. Whenever I said new directions in my head, it kept sounding like nude erections. I had to work it in post. :o)Yeah…I plan on pulling Monty out from his rest in February and starting the revision.

  23. Morgan! Glad you dropped by, even though I had to go drag you by your red hair to get you over here. ;o) Just joking – I've been meaning to frequent your place more. You're so awesome, too, with your Olympiad husband and gold-medal life! Thanks for coming by. :o)

  24. ML Swift,Nothing like a flatulent dog to rouse one out of bed. Good thing to have, a flatulent dog. Someone to take the blame. But then again, I wonder. Was it really the dog? Best of fortune in your endeavors. Are you trying to get your YA published? I sure hope so.

  25. Of course it was the dog! Raw broccoli always upsets my…er, his stomach. It's especially bothersome on corned beef and cabbage nights.Trying to get my YA published? Why…no. I write for the sheer thrill and enjoyment and love of the craft. Releasing a story that yearns to be told – and all that other lovey-dovey, hug-the-world, artsy bohemian bullcrap.Of COURSE I'm trying to get it published! ;o)Thanks for stopping – it's always a pleasure to see you.


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