dMerry Christmasc
May all your sugarplum dreams come true.
ML Swift


15 thoughts on “

  1. I see you opened the gift I sent you. I couldn't decide between the fishnet-clad leg lamp and the upside down can-can dancer with big boobs wine stopper… (I seriously saw one of those in a store in our town. No head, it's in the bottle apparently, just her ample melons resting on the bottle opening.)Let that vision dance in your head…Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank goodness you sent the lamp…I already have the other plugging a bottle of Liebfraumilch.Did you get that Chippendale's corkscrew I sent? Three guesses on how it works.Merry Christmas to you, hubby, and the kids!

  3. Fra-gee-lee is my husband's favorite part of that movie. Mostly because he often screws up word pronunciations and I always laugh at him about it. Unfortunately, he laughs at me when it comes to math. I'm the word guy, and he's the math guy, so it's tit for tat.Thanks for this Christmas greeting, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.

  4. Your hubby loves it because honestly, it's a classic guy's movie. Yeah, fun for the whole family, but all the torment he endures (the bully, the pink bunny suit) – typical of the crap that makes us men. I always have it on this movie when I wrap presents on Christmas eve.


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